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We make a list of the most hot bamboo craft and tea set weekly. The listed crafts are the mostly enquired items on the website. Please visit on regular basis to stay current with the latest information.
Bamboo Crafts- Lotus Tea Tray ( Size: 450*330*30 )
It is made of natural bamboo and underwent anti-mould and anti-worm treatment. The lotus-leave design is the most elegant way to present Chinese tea. The distinct style and taste add to the aesthetic character of Chinese craft. It's not only a tool for serving the tea, but a artwork that decorates the living room. Place your purchase order now and feel the unusual work on your own.
Bamboo Craft- Chinese Round Tea Tray
( Size: 615*460*37 )
The tea tray is made of natural bamboo and treated with processes of anti-mould and anti-worm. Its neat and simple look best expresses Chinese moderation and humbleness.
Bamboo Crafts- China Tea Tray ( Size: 230*160*100 )
It is one of tea trays widely used when brewing and serving the tea. Made from natural bamboo and underwent the treatment of anti-mould and anti-worm, the classical bamboo crafts are in superior quality of holding the excess water from the tea brewing process.

Purple Clay Teapot
Special teapot made from zisha clay, a rare type of purple clay only found in Yixing. The purple clay is called Zisha in Maderain. It consists of iron, quartz and mica and has five colors- red, yellow, green, blue and purple. In addition to its unique and beauty, Yixing purple clay teapot is also considered to be the finest brewing teapot in the world. It is said that if the Yixing tea pot has been used for many years, you can brew tea without putting in any tea leaves. Just get yourself one and savor the special Chinese tea as well.
Tea Set
The unusual and contemporary designed Yixing purple clay tea set combines art with practical usage. The Yixing teapot performs best to the four processes as follows: 1) the color of the tea brewed, 2) the phenol level, 3) the caffeine intensity, 4) the aminophylline level. The tea set includes 1 brewing teapot and 4 drinking cups. A must to your collection.
Pottery- The Rhinoceros
The rhinoceros handicraft is an extraordinary decoration to your home. It's also made of Zisha, a special clay only found in Yixing. The excellent artwork fully represents Chinese tradition and cultural history over 5,000 years. Our craftsman is proficient in making quality Chinese crafts with different shapes and styles.